St. John's Academy Full Day Pre-Kindergarten Program

 St. John's Academy in Hillsdale is a full day pre-kindergarten program for 3-1/2 and 4 year olds.  Responding to educational research and parental needs, St. John's Academy Early Childhood Center is designed to provide high quality preschool education preparing children for success in the primary grades.  Mrs. Elizabeth Viola, principal of the PreK-8 Catholic school states that the goal is "to connect the educational expectations of the Early Childhood Center to those of the primary and intermediate grades through a strong curriculum and guided development of the children's social and emotional growth in a caring, nurturing environment."

Our early childhood program prepares the children for the curriculum of grades K-8.  While focusing on a Catholic experience and family Gospel values, the age-appropriate curriculum will include math, reading and writing skills, introduction to technology, science and the arts, foreigh language and physical education.  In addition, St. John's Academy offers an after-school program that provides outdoor actiities and structured play time.

Teacher   - Contact: 201-664-6364

Mrs. Melissa Frank,  Coordinator

Teacher Assistants

Mrs. Vicky Dougherty

Mrs. Antoinette Nutile


  • Hours:  7:30 a.m.- 1:45 p.m.Monday through Friday 
  • Parents have the option to pick up their child at 11:30
  • Lunch and After-school program available 

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