Language and Communication are developed through a print-rich environment providing each child exposure to various types of literature and other forms of communication.

In our writing center, children practice pre-writing skills with clips, stamps, stencils and more. All writing implements are developmentally appropriate and help each child progress at their own pace. Words that relate to the children's interests are everywhere in the classroom; some in print, some handwritten by teachers or students.

Books are available throughout the environment and each day has a quiet time for books and puzzles only. Children are often interested in other languages; many of our students have two languages spoken at home and we encourage sharing family language and culture with the class.

We celebrate our diversity through language in addition to incorporating Spanish into our curriculum.

Reasoning and Thinking skills are enhanced through introductory math skills, counting and numeral recognition, our program engages students in a variety of explorations into the world of number and quantity.

Beyond numbers, children use patterns and puzzles, measurement, percussion instruments and progressive materials to understand the realationship of size and number in the world around them.  In our specially designed play environments, featuring one-to-one teacher interaction, children are encouraged to use critical thinking and problem solving skills every day.

Physical Development incorporates both small and large motor activities. Small motor skills are practiced in the classroom daily through pre-writing, manipulatives, art, and material exploration.

Outside on our specially designed playground, children have ample area to develop gross motor abilities on equipment as well as through organized play. During inclement weather, classroom games, songs and circle activities engage young muscles in stretching and movement.

Social Skills are the foundation of early education. Each child learns to represent themselves to teachers and fellow students in the course of each day whether asking for assistance in tying a shoe, finding a missing puzzle piece or working out a group play dynamic.

Learning to use language appropriately in social situations, using manners, and being kind to our friends is important everyday in our classroom. In addition, conflict resolution and learning to name emotions helps our students succeed in and out of school.