The 4th Grade Wax Museum was a huge success!

Thank you to the 4th grade students for all of your hardwork.  

You were amazing!




St. John's Library and Media Center    

Learning is fun at SJA!

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"Strong school libraries build strong students

and lifelong learners"

Mrs. Janine Starvaggi

 School Library Specialist



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The Eagle Press, our school newspaper is here. 


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Welcome to The Library & Media Center's web pages.

The mission at St. John's library is to develop an environment

for our students that promotes the love of reading. Our goal also

is to provide the resources, information, and technology which will

enhance our students learning in the classroom. Through collaborative

curriculum programs with the classroom, we will promote a

21st century learner, which will facilitate lifelong learners.

Please make sure you check out the libraries Presentation Page.  Here you will see some of the collaborative projects being completed in the library.  See your classparents for the userid and password to enter or email me at  

Congratulations to the Third Grade Classes on another successful year of Lemonade Wars!  They raised $550.00 for technology towards SJA!

Great Job - FC Lemonaders, Sweet Lemons, WWI Lemons, Beast Lemons, Lemonz, and The Lemonaders


St. John’s Academy is a caring Catholic community.  In this spirit we are supporting the effort to keep all our children healthy by asking that no loose nuts or seeds in bags or as toppings are brought into our classrooms or building which includes the library.

Though parents of children with food allergies are required to supply their own snacks and treats for their children, loose nuts and seeds are difficult to clean and sweep thereby causing a safety hazard which cannot be easily controlled.   If there is a question if something is permissible please ask the homeroom teacher.